Name:  Alain Baeyens, Director Logistics Solvay
Member of:     WP1: Sustainable, Safe and Secure Supply Chain research & innovation roadmap Alice
Member since: June 2014


“I am living in Gent and working in Brussels which are 60 kilometres apart. So 60 kilometres at a 120 km an hour should be around half an hour to get there. Unfortunately I spend between one hour and two hours every morning. Imagining that 40% of the trucks in front of me are half empty, I think there should be a solution somewhere. So that is why I joined Alice. Not only because I feel uncomfortable, but also because all those people around me are feeling uncomfortable, making the economy come to a standstill. Because literarily, they are not moving anymore. The main reason for that is empty space! So we should fill the empty space somehow and that is why I joined Alice.

A lot of things need to happen. First of all a mentality shift. Companies have to change their way of thinking. We have to be open to collaboration; we have to have legislation allowing collaboration.

Collaboration needs trust, a secure playing field, because companies need to share information. Safety and traceability are important as well.

So that’s a lot of things and Alice is, if not a keystone, at least one of the pieces of the puzzle to achieve that goal. “

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