Global supply network coordination and collaboration

Global Supply Network Coordination and Collaboration Working Group deals with coordination and collaboration among stakeholders in global supply networks.

Coordination and collaboration refer respectively to vertical and horizontal synergies along and across different supply-chains. In this context, Supply Network Coordination deals with the synchronization and dynamic update of logistics and transport plans, across modes and actors (manufacturers, retailers, logistics services providers, carriers, terminal operators, etc.). Supply Network Collaboration deals with maximising resources utilization, such as vehicle and infrastructure capacity, by matching demand from multiple shippers with available transport and logistics services from different modes and service providers. Both Coordination and Collaboration can produce significant gains in terms of both efficiency and sustainability and represent a big step towards the Physical Internet, leading the transition from individually managed supply chains to open supply networks.

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Key milestones

  • 2020 – Horizontal Collaboration
  • 2030 – Integration Manufacturing Logistics

Physical Internet pilot implementations well functioning and extended in industry practice

  • 2040 – Open Supply networks
  • 2050 – Zero Logistics Emissions


Chair: Michael Archer, CHEP



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