The goal of the thematic group is to identify research priorities related to urban freight and logistics to improve the efficiency, sustainability and security of these activities. The thematic group will contribute to the definition of research programmes addressing the main stakeholders of the sector (cities, industry, retail, courier and parcel delivery companies logistics service providers), including Horizon 2020, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020 and the future Horizon Europe programme.

Additionally, we will support and promote the execution of Research & Innovation projects and initiatives contributing to the Roadmap vision and goals.

The scope of the thematic group is urban freight transport, defined as all movements of goods into, out of, through or within the urban area, made by light or heavy vehicles, including:

  • Delivery of goods (business and home);
  • Service transport and demolition traffic;
  • Shopping trips made by private households;
  • Reverse logistics for waste removal and for returns management;
  • Service vans for maintenance, supply and removal of parts.

Within this group, we run the Strategic Collaboration Group with POLIS (Network of Cities for Transport) which resulted in launch of the ALICE-POLIS Joint Guide for advancing together towards zero-emission urban logistics by 2030 ( download the Guide ).

In 2022, ALICE and POLIS launched a webinar series to bring the public and private sectors for discussions on various topics:

  • 27th Jan, ALICE Urban Logistics Thematic Group online meeting ( link );
  • 8th April, Benefits and Challenges of Combination of Freight and Passenger Transport ( link )
  • 23rd May, Collaborative Urban Logistics ( link )
  • 8th July, Zero Emission Zones and Urban Logistics Solutions ( link )


Key milestones

  • 2020  – Defining and assessing new opportunities and Business Models
  • 2030  – Efficient and automated distribution systems

Zero Emissions Urban Freight in main European Cities

Physical Internet pilot implementations well functioning and extended in industry practice

  • 2040  – Sustainable and integrated urban logistics in the city mobility system
  • 2050 – Zero Logistics Emissions


Chair: Charlotte Migne – FM Logistic



Video Roadmap

Read full report

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